OGAE Song Contest Rules

The OGAE Song Contest (SC) is designed to promote national music and singers from competing countries, and to give them wider exposure across member clubs.

The OGAE SC is an audio-based competition between songs nominated by member OGAE national clubs.  This is not a Eurovision-based contest and songs should not have participated in any national Eurovision selection process.

In order to be eligible for inclusion, a song must:

  1. Have been commercially released prior to the entry submission date;
  2. Be performed in a/the national language of the nominating OGAE national club;
  3. Be an original version (not a remix);
  4. Have been released on an album or as a single on vinyl, CD or as a digital download;
  5. Be a studio not a live recording;
  6. Not have previously participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, OGAE Second Chance Contest, or OGAE Video Contest [Junior Eurovision entries are also ineligible subject to a rule change by the Presidents];
  7. Be performer by an individual with the nationality of the nominating OGAE national club.  For groups, at least one performer must have the nationality of the nominating national club; and
  8. Be of a maximum duration of 5 minutes.

For further information, please contact the OGAE International Contest Coordinator.