OGAE International Membership Cards

OGAE International issues membership cards for individual members of OGAE National Clubs.

The cards themselves do not have an expiry date,  but are only valid with an annual validity sticker.  These stickers are distributed each year to paid-up members by the various national clubs.

These cards are produced centrally for all clubs and consequently there is only a limited number of production runs each year.  New and replacement cards are generally produced in January each year, although there may be an additional production run later in the year.  It is not possible to produce membership cards at short notice or outside the production run schedule.

Anyone requesting an OGAE fan ticket package of tickets to the ESC live shows MUST be in possession of a valid OGAE International membership card.

Individuals are free to join as many OGAE national clubs as they like, but must identify a primary membership club.  Under normal circumstances, an individual’s primary club will be either that of their nationality or their place of residence.  An OGAE International membership card will only be issued through a member’s primary national club. Individuals may not have more than one OGAE International membership card.

In order to apply for an OGAE International membership card, please contact your national club and provide a digital, passport style photo, measuring approximately 20mm x 27mm, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi.  Details are available from your national club.

PLEASE NOTE: After the distribution of cards ordered in December 2017, OGAE International will not be producing any new cards until further notice.  Please contact your national club for further information.