OGAE International Membership Cards

OGAE International began issuing membership cards on behalf of the various OGAE National Clubs some 10 years ago.  In 2018 the Network decided to adopt a new electronic card system which is being rolled during 2019.

We are delighted to partner with Cardskipper to provide members with the new electronic cards.

The old plastic membership cards are no longer valid.  Instead, current National Club members will receive an electronic membership card that can be stored and displayed on a smartphone through the Cardskipper app.  Those without a smartphone will be able to load the card on a computer and will then be able to print the required document.

Individuals are free to join as many OGAE national clubs as they like, but must identify a primary membership club.  Under normal circumstances, an individual’s primary club will be either that of their nationality or their place of residence.  An OGAE International membership card will only be issued through a member’s primary national club. Individuals may not have more than one OGAE International membership card.

Instructions for members

When your details are loaded on to Cardskipper, you an SMS with details of how to load the app on to your mobile phone.  You will also receive an e-mail giving the relevant instructions – please make sure to retain this email as it provides the information you will need if you have to reload the app in the future.

Those without a smartphone will be able to load the membership card on to a PC using the instructions shown in the email.

SMS and emails will be sent to the number and address you have provided to your national club.  If you have not provided a phone number, you will need to use the email to load the app.

A date of birth is required for identification purposes.  If you have not provided your date of birth to your national club a rando date will have been input to the system.  The date used is shown in the email sent from Cardskipper and you must use this date to log on.  You will be able to update your date of birth once you have set up the app.

Please follow this link for Cardskipper installation instructions in English.  Instructions in other languages will be posted shortly.

Please follow this link for installation instructions if you do not have a smart phone.