OGAE National Clubs

There are currently 44 national OGAE clubs.  Individuals are free to join as many of these local clubs as they please, although they must nominate a primary club through which to obtain an OGAE International membership card and to apply for ESC tickets.  An individual’s primary club will usually be that of the country of their nationality or residence.

Fans in ESC participant countries that are not currently listed below, but who are interested in creating a new club for their country, should contact OGAE International for more information.

Individual clubs may be contacted by clicking on the relevant club name below:

 Albania OGAE Albania  Latvia OGAE Latvia
 Andorra OGAE Andorra  Lithuania OGAE Lithuania
 Armenia OGAE Armenia  Luxembourg OGAE Luxembourg
 Australia OGAE Australia  Macedonia OGAE North Macedonia
 Austria OGAE Austria  Malta OGAE Malta
 Azerbaijan OGAE Azerbaijan
 Belarus OGAE Belarus  Netherlands OGAE Netherlands
 Belgium OGAE Belgium  Norway OGAE Norway
 Croatia OGAE Croatia  Poland OGAE Poland
 Cyprus OGAE Cyprus  Portugal OGAE Portugal
 Czech_Republic OGAE Czech Republic  Romania OGAE Romania
 Denmark OGAE Denmark  Russian_Federation OGAE Russia
 Estonia OGAE Estonia  serbian-flag-small OGAE Serbia
 Finland OGAE Finland
 France OGAE France  Slovenia OGAE Slovenia
 Germany EC Germany  Spain OGAE Spain
 Germany OGAE Germany  Sweden OGAE Sweden
 Greece OGAE Greece  Switzerland OGAE Switzerland
 Hungary OGAE Hungary  Turkey OGAE Türkiye
 Iceland OGAE Iceland  Ukraine OGAE Ukraine
 Ireland OGAE Ireland  United_Kingdom OGAE United Kingdom
 Israel OGAE Israel OGAE Rest of the World
 Italy OGAE Italy  13625210251239962884Flag20of20Bulgaria.svg_.med_  OGAE Bulgaria