About us

OGAE International is the umbrella organisation for the various OGAE national clubs across the world. We are the largest Eurovision fan network in the world, with some 10,000 members in more than 50 countries.

The Organisation Générale des Amateurs de l’Eurovision was founded in Finland back in 1984 as a way for Finnish fans of the Eurovision Song Contest to meet and keep up to date with news about their favourite music competition.  Since that time, OGAE national clubs have been created in more than 40 countries, with an OGAE Rest of the World club for fans living in countries without their own club.

OGAE International was founded in 2011 and is incorporated in France.  It acts on behalf of the various national clubs and coordinates activity across the network.  OGAE International is governed by a set of statutes, with uLtimate authority in the hands of the presidents of the national clubs which  make up the network.

OGAE International’s day-to-day activities are administered and overseen by a “Bureau” or committee elected by the presidents of the national clubs.