Annual OGAE Poll

Every year OGAE International organises one of the largest fan polls ahead of the Eurovision Song Contest.  Individual members of the various national clubs all cast their votes in accordance with their local practice.  This may be at a specific members’ song preview event, at an annual convention or by means of an on-line poll.  Each club then submits its top 10 to OGAE International using the traditional 12,10,8,7…… Eurovision voting style.

The first votes are usually submitted shortly after the entry submission deadline in March, with the final clubs voting in early May just before members set off to that year’s host city.

Participation in the  OGAE Poll is restricted to OGAE members only.  If you wish to take part, please contact your local club for details.

In 2018, for the first time, OGAE created a trophy to be awarded to the winner of the OGAE Poll.  The inaugural trophy was kindly sponsored by OGAE Rest of the World and was won by Netta from Israel.  The trophy was presented to the winning artist at the annual OGAE International party held at the Eurocafe in Lisbon on 9 May 2018.