OGAE International Bureau

The “Bureau” is elected every two years by the member club presidents, and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of OGAE International and the coordination of activities between the various national clubs.

The Bureau consists of 7 members: a President, Secretary and Treasurer along with 4 bureau members.  The current members of the Bureau are:

IMG_9149Simon Bennett (OGAE UK) – President

Based in London, Simon was elected President by the Vienna Presidents’ meeting in 2015 having already served  4 years as a Bureau member.  He has been an active member of OGAE UK for more than 20 years and a Eurovision fan for more than 40 years.  He first attended a live ESC in 1998 in Birmingham and has been to every contest since 1999. He is based in London where he worked for many years in the financial sector before changing career to become a tourist guide.

Anthony Cige (OGAE Iceland) – Secretary

Anthony was elected to the Bureau as Secretary by the Tel Aviv  Presidents’ Meeting in 2019.  He is a true European, based in London, where he works for an international hotel company, but originally from Belgium and a member of OGAE Iceland. Anthony remembers being sent to bed before the results in 1986 when Belgium won, but has forgiven his parents since.  He has been attending the events since 2011 where he covers it for a Belgian radio station.

Morten Thomassen (OGAE Norway) – Treasurer

Morten took over as OGAE International Treasurer in 2017 in addition to his duties as President of OGAE Norway.

Marcus Davey (OGAE Rest of the World) – Bureau Member

In 2015 Marcus became the the first non-European to be elected to the Bureau.  He is an active member of OGAE Rest of the World and is based in Sydney, Australia, where he works as a commercial airline pilot.  Within the Bureau he is responsible for new applicant and candidate clubs, assisting them with the preparation of their applications and monitoring them during their initial membership.

Alasdair Rendall (OGAE UK) – Bureau Member

Alasdair was elected to the OGAE International Bureau in 2022, having served as President of OGAE UK for six years, turning it into the biggest club in the OGAE network. Alasdair has been a Eurovision fan for more years then he would like to admit and attended his first contest in Birmingham in 1998. In the brief moments he is outside the Eurovision bubble he works as a senior press and media officer in British politics.

Tamás Vámos (OGAE Hungary) – Bureau Member

Tamás was elected to the Bureau in 2019 but is also the first and current President of OGAE Hungary.  He lives and works in his hometown, Budapest.  His first Eurovision experience was at the age of (almost) 9 in 1994, when he was annoyed that the only song he understood (the Hungarian entry) didn’t win.  21 years later in 2015, he finally travelled to his first Eurovision and he is still stuck in the bubble – although he really doesn’t mind.  Tamás is the OGAE Contest Coordinator.

1796636_10152187110332770_245316149_nKlaus Woryna (OGAE Germany) – Bureau Member

Klaus has served on the Bureau since 2011 and is the current president of OGAE Germany.  He is based in Munich.