OGAE Fan Desks

Each year, during finals week, OGAE International organises a fan desk.  The desk is  usually located in the main Eurovision Press/Media Centre and is manned by volunteers from the various national clubs.  It provides information about OGAE, fan events in the host city, and contact details to the Eurovision media corps.

The Fan Desk’s most important role is to administer the annual Press Centre poll which allows accredited Press to cast their votes and perhaps predict the results of the semi-finals and the grand final.  In 2016 the media poll was automated for the first time, with votes cast using a special app and then totalled automatically on a dedicated website.

Bureau-member and Fan Desk Coordinator, Marcus Davey, with the 2016 media poll results screen in the Stockholm Press Centre.


Any OGAE members interested in volunteering to work on the fan desk in 2017, please contact your local national club or the OGAE International Fan Desk Coordinator, Marcus Davey.