OGAE POLL 2018 – Results

OGAE Poll 2018

What is it?
OGAE International conducts a yearly poll of who it’s Fans want to Win the Eurovision Song Contest.

See Below the Table of results as of 25th April 2018

We now have results from Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Albania, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Croatia ,Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, Rest of the World, United Kingdom, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Armenia, Norway, Poland and Cyprus, Belgium, Switzerland, OGAE Germany and Israel.

Now including Greece, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Macedonia

Please note that Switzerland;’s results were incorrect so they have been re issued.

Please find below the link when Clubs will be providing their results of their Poll.  Given the many time zones, it is anticipated that results will be presented on this website within 12 hours.