OGAE POLL 2018 – FINAL Results

OGAE Poll 2018

What is it?
OGAE International conducts a yearly poll of who it’s Fans want to Win the Eurovision Song Contest.

From more than 4000 OGAE Fans from 44 OGAE Clubs across the World we now have a winner


This was made up from votes from clubs in Belarus, Czech Republic, France, Spain, Albania, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Croatia ,Ukraine, Latvia, Serbia, Slovenia, Rest of the World, United Kingdom, Romania, Lithuania, Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Armenia, Norway, Poland and Cyprus, Belgium, Switzerland, OGAE Germany, Israel and Greece, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Andorra, Finland, EC Germany and Turkey

Now including the Final 3 Countries, Austria, Sweden and Portugal

If you would like to be part of this amazing network of Fans please refer to the link below and contact the club in your local country.  If you are not in a country listed then contact OGAE Rest of the World for Fans outside these countries.

OGAE National Clubs