OGAE Fan Ticketing

Tickets to the live Eurovision shows are sold by the host broadcaster.  They generally go on sale to the public between December and February depending on the particular arrangements for the year in question.

OGAE has been very fortunate in recent years to be offered a number of special fan package tickets.  These usually consist of tickets to the two live semi finals and the grand final, as well as the respective jury shows, and are competitively priced.  Such ticket packages are made available at the discretion of the host broadcaster and the EBU.

If OGAE is granted an allocation of fan packages, these are distributed between the various national clubs according to a formula based on their respective membership numbers.  Such tickets are usually in great demand and it may not always be possible to meet all ticket requests from members.

Individuals interested in purchasing an OGAE fan package must be a current member of one of our national clubs.  Individual clubs have their own rules relating to tickets as well as methods for determining who can buy a fan package, particularly where demand outstrips supply.

Individuals who wish to be considered for fan package tickets should contact their local national club for details.  The ticketing process usually begins in September.

There is no guarantee that OGAE members will be able to secure tickets to the Eurovision live shows.