OGAE International changes its logo after an international competition

OGAE International has held an international logo competition into which more than 30 proposals have been submitted. From these, the bureau of OGAE International selected 5 proposals that national OGAE clubs were asked to choose from. All in all, 36 national OGAE clubs took part in the voting. The winner of the competition is Andrew Dineley who is a member of OGAE UK. Andrew won the competition with an astonishing lead of almost 100 points! We would like to extend our warm congratulations to Andrew and thank him for helping us to refresh our logo and brand identity.

The bureau will now proceed with implementing the new brand identity which will be a gradual process.

We would also like to use this opportunity to thank the other 4 finalists whose submissions were of remarkable quality. These are Peter Bach (OGAE Denmark), Burak Koytas (OGAE Turkey), Jenny Wallhoff (OGAE Sweden) and Ken Bakke (OGAE Norway).

The official press release is attached here.

The final voting results can be found here.

The main logo comprises the OGAE initials.  OGAE

The accompanying icon complements the logo.





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