OGAE Poll 2017: Italy in the lead

The OGAE Poll 2017 is running smoothly after one week of voting. Four clubs have voted, OGAE France, OGAE Ukraine, OGAE Belarus and OGAE Luxembourg.

France, Ukraine and Luxembourg gave Francesco Gabbani Occidentali’s Karma there 12 points but OGAE Belarus gave its 12 points to Robin Bengtsson’s I Can’t Go On.

The Top Ten:

  1. Italy 44 points
  2. Sweden 36 points
  3. Belgium 36 points
  4. France 21 points
  5. Switzerland 20 points
  6. Estonia 18 points
  7. F.Y.R. Macedonia 12 points
  8. Israel 11 points
  9. Hungary 10 points
  10. Bulgaria 7 points

Six OGAE clubs are scheduled to vote this week so don’t forget to check the Top Ten scoreboard regularly.

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